Healing Hands of Arizona Membership and Rules

 The Healing Hands of Arizona Blog-site is intended to be a safe, open and welcoming place where spouses/significant other of a sexual abuser and their Child Warriors can find some support from people who are in similar circumstances. This blog-site is not a substitute for professional counseling! This is a ‘peer support’ forum – a group of people in similar circumstances sharing information, stories, successes and challenges as a way of supporting each other.  We hope to eventually provide Professional Legal and Medical counsel.

Users in this blog-site can remain anonymous, or they can choose to share more personal information if they are comfortable with that. This blog-site is open to and view-able only by registered users.

Blog Spouses/Significant Others must refrain from identifying your Child Warrior Survivors. Do not use names, but instead refer to your child as a Warrior, this will help to protect Your Warrior.

To join the blog-site you must complete the online application form, providing some basic information and a few paragraphs introducing your story. You will only be granted access to the forum after the initial message has been reviewed and approved by a Healing Hands of Arizona Administrator.

The blog-site is for spouses/significant others of the sexual abuser, not for the abusers. We define ‘spouses/significant others’ is someone who is/was in an intimate, ongoing, committed relationship with a sexual abuser, either living together or separated.

Access to this blog-site is restricted, and any member who shares their login access or the materials in this forum with someone else will be banned from the forum.

Communication must be confidential, respectful and supportive. The forum is a safe and confidential place for sharing experiences and providing support, not for name-calling, denigrating language, or disrespectful behavior. Members who violate this rule will be given a warning first, and then removed on the second offense.

What is said on this blog-site stays on this blog-site – you may not copy it or refer to it anywhere outside of this blog-site. Members who violate this rule will be removed from the blog-site.

Responses to member postings should focus on the original poster, not on a respondent’s issue. If a member’s posting spurs thought on some new issue, then a new posting should be done for that.

Members may not apply for or access the forum through proxy servers or use any other methods of hiding their identity from the system administrators.

If you agree to this and are ready to apply for the Healing Hands of Arizona Blog-site, please click here to complete the application form.