“Stuffing our memories might become familiar over the years, but it requires a mental vigilance that separates us from our inner world. It’s building our lives making sure we never step on any path that might lead us to the tender and scary places we carry within us. We don’t dare explore the unknown. We can’t allow new possibilities. And yet, those are the very paths connected to the core of who we are beyond our abuse.”
Jeanne McElvaney,

“As we grow older, the riveting, dis-empowering feelings that grabbed us during moments of our abuse do not change with knowledge, awareness, or new experiences. They are locked inside until we return to release them.”
Jeanne McElvaney, Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story

“When we learn to recognize the unique quality of Memory-Dreams, we are empowered. The abused child within us is using them to talk to us, giving us clues for our healing.”
Jeanne McElvaney, Childhood Abuse: Tips to Change Child Abuse Effects