Life After A Manipulator

No More Silence

While I am working on my major article, I’ll be sharing some relevant information.  Reviewing this information now will help you to understand everything I will be revealing in the next day or two.  There are several articles I will be sharing.

I found this article written by Dr. Simon on his website titled “Dr. George Simon’s dealing with MANIPULATIVE people.”  It pretty much describes what’s been going through my mind since the day I awoke from ignorance bliss and found myself living a nightmare.  The first thing I remember is just going numb.  It was like my entire self left my body and my mind blanked out.  Blindsided.  Smacked in the face by reality with a concrete slab.  Absolute shock.  As the information began to sink in, there was confusion.  What I was hearing was in contradiction of what I knew to be true for the past…

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What if this is realism

Roots to Blossom

What if depression is really an acute case of realism? What if I have lost the ability to delusional like everyone out there chasing the american delusion err I mean dream? Am I mentally ill because I see corruption everywhere? Am I diseased because I’m not greedy, incapable of lying or hurting others to get ahead?

Am I more or less evolved? I am failing survival of the fittest. I don’t want to compete at all. I no longer believe in an honest dollar. I can barely get an honest penny.

I see no way out of this, which is depressing. I wish I could buy blinders and get back in the endless hamster wheel. I wish I could be satisfied running and KNOWING it is getting me nowhere.

I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want to save the world. I want to sign the worlds DNR. It…

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We are asking for donations to help with the goals of Healing Hands of Arizona in their effort to help families with their abusive situations.

Our goals:

Website support group

A physical place to have support group every week

Resources to pay lawyers and medical personal to come to the meetings to offer guidance through the legal and medical system

A place to temporarily house abuse victims, including furnishings, an onsite staff, a security stystem, and security guards.